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A team with a heart of concrete

Pouring a concrete floor is teamwork. We are a perfectly responsive team, from the first advice until after sales. This is what we stand for at Verkade Beton.

vk4Our employees mostly have years of experience in creating concrete floors. This skill is required to achieve a perfect result. Pouring concrete is mostly about experience, and not wanting to miss a single detail. This essential expertise has been collected under several circumstances.

Achieving the optimal result on any assignment

The employees of Verkade Beton are well known with all the techniques and (weather) conditions. This makes that they can handle each assignment with optimal force, and can create the floor that meets your standard. You can also count on the fact that our employees are at par with all the safety procedures. Common sense is what drives us. When necessary we all pitch in to finish the project on time. That is the reputation we so carefully want to uphold.